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Gina Colany Biography Photo Gina Colany Biography
Born: 4/17/1968
Aliases: Gina Barelli, Gina Colani, Gina Collani, Joana Shell, Joanna, Joanna Redford, Maria Eden, Marilon, Titziana Redford, Tiziana Redford

Born: April 17, 1968 (1968-04-17) Dusseldorf, Germany
Nationality: German
Boobs: Enhanced
Hair: Brunette, Redhead
Hometown : Dusseldorf,Germany
Measurements: 44F-28-36
Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
Height: 5′4″ (163cm)
Date of Birth: April 17th, 1968
Birthplace: Dusseldorf, Germany
A.k.a. : Gina Barelli, Gina Colani, Gina Collani, Joana Shell , Joanna
Redford , Maria Eden ,Marilon ,Titziana Redford
Breast: 38FF now 44F

Gina Colani, born Tiziana Redford on April 17th, 1968 in a small rural suburb of Dusseldorf. This multi talented starlet knew what she wanted to become from day one. Acting came as second nature to the well enhanced wonder we know and love today. As time has passed her accent has not; still heavily laden with the sharp German tones of her Central European culture.

Making the lead role in school was her general goal, with many other talented girls in the mix Gina always put her best role to limits. In her more recent works we know few can stand toe to toe with what she can deliver.

Under a few management changes her talent got changed by name throughout her fly by her knickers career, a few of these names were: Gina Barelli, Gina Colani, Gina Collani ,Joana Shell, Joanna, Joanna Redford, Maria Eden, Marilon, Titziana Redford. Along with her name changes fans were noticing many many changes to miss Gina herself. Earliest were her tattoo’s and makeup artistry. Next to come to light was her massive front end workups. These massive mams still set passer- by’s aghast as to their size and special displacement. Followed by some age defying enhancements to facial and other mommy regions to extend a bit of beauty into the coming years.

Many admirers’ have stated that they thought she had left the business at many stages in her career only later relieved and ecstatic to learn that Gina had merely taken on another new screen name.

Gina loved the attention on-set, off-set, out on the town, out at a party, hanging with girlfriends, no matter the setting Gina craved the central focus. Co-workers at first didn’t quite know how to deal with this hyper active phenom.

But as you know and love her; so grew the affection and admiration of her co-stars. In talks with a few gals that shot with her they stated this girl knew she could act, and did just that…ACT her little ass off, some shoots they remarked Gina just kept going, and going and going… like the Pink battery rabbit. The important thing to know about Gina was she loved what she did, acting, shooting, “playin the part” was this girls calling.

She understudied sometimes actors from modern film, be it sci-fi, drama, western, even comedy… Gina took her craft seriously enough to bring it to a true passion which came through in her torrid performances time and time again.

Gina Colani, Porn Queen stacked to the gills literally, with both massive tits and a personality to match. This Deep colored brunette knockout strutted her knockout wares with the pride of a German bred soldier. No role could begin to challenge the depth of this flashy fem.

Many directions Gina undertook finding her way through numerous name changes for her performances, growing both in talent and in physical structuring as she blossomed in her career.

Standing at 5’7” tall Gina would stand (ahelp of some heels) head and shoulders above her peers as she ventured into various tryouts for roles in euro film and porn screenings alike. Gina would be no stranger to the Mystical world treasures of Cannes in south coastal France. Gina could command attention even from “The Donald” himself, as she glowed a bright in her elegant form at the film festivities year after year.

We were glad to catch up with her in Cannes with her and a few of her close buddies laughing it up at a local late night eatery by the marina. She assured us she would never forget her fans and would love the opportunity to one day soon thank each and every admirer with a hug and kiss.

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